"The Art of the Flower: Van Gogh, Manet and Matisse"

All-Ivy Docent-Guided Tour at VMFA: April 30, 6:00pm in Richmond

This exhibition at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) in Richmond is the first major American exhibition to consider the French floral still life across the 19th century.  The exhibition explores the infusion of new spirit and meaning into the traditional genre of floral still-life painting in 19th-century France, even as the advent of modernism was radically transforming the art world. It features more than 60 flower paintings by more than 30 artists, including well-known painters such as Eugène DelacroixGustave CourbetHenri Fantin-LatourÉdouard ManetVincent van Gogh, and Henri Matisse, as well as less familiar figures such as Antoine Berjon and Simon Saint-Jean. These artists, whose careers collectively span the nineteenth century, engaged in a sophisticated reworking of traditional imagery, bringing the floral still life into dialogue with emerging models of science and commerce, and ultimately transforming the genre into a meditation on the nature of artistic representation itself.

Our All-Ivy docent led tour starts at 6:00pm and runs for approximately 50 minutes.  Afterwards, those who wish can get together for dinner at Amuse, VMFA's fine dining restaurant, where they can order off the menu and pay individually.  Reservations for the tour and dinner at Amuse must be made in advance.  Cost for the docent-led tour for VMFA members is $7.00; for non-members it's $19.00.  Parking in VMFA's spacious parking lot is free for VMFA members and $5.00 for non-members.  Admission to the VMFA is free to everyone.  You must order tickets for the docent-led tour by Thursday, April 16.  Please go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-art-of-the-flower-van-gogh-manet-and-matisse-vmfa-richmond-april-30-tickets-16545999530       

To join us for dinner at VMFA's Amuse fine dining restaurant after the tour, you must call Amuse at (804) 340-1580 and tell them you will be with the Harvard Club group on April 30 at 7:15pm.  You can order off the menu and pay individually.  Their website is: https://vmfa.museum/visit/dining/amuse-restaurant/   

VMFA is the largest art museum between Washington, DC and Dallas, Texas.  This exhibition will only appear at VMFA and the Dallas Art Museum.  Come join your Ivy League colleagues for a memorable evening!